The Track and Train Forum was created to be a platform which brings together professionals from across the Rail Industry, who work collaboratively in order to:

  • Promote recognised standards/ educational qualifications across the rail industry.
  • Align, create and leverage synergies across the FOC, NR, ROC and TOC communities.
  • Address the gaps in the educational standards for all of rail.
  • Support employees and L&D managers to improve competence, generate recognition for qualifications.
  • Strengthen the perception of professionalism in the industry, acting as our customer advisory group as CIRO works to become an awarding body.

Track and Train Forum’s key areas of focus are to:

  • Ensuring the rail industry controls its award/qualifications
  • Promoting the establishment of standards for critical roles and/ or job families
  • Providing more visible/easily understood career pathways for rail / Career map for rails
  • Providing alignment across L&D profession within the industry