Resonate specialise in digital railway technology, in areas including signalling control, operations management and logistics.

Resonate provide solutions for traffic management on their digital platform, Luminate, providing a digital layer of intelligence for performance and capacity improvements and disruption mitigation.

They also offer scalable signalling control systems, ranging from simple rural routes to high-density complex areas, and operations and allocation software to provide real time disruption management through dynamic resource planning matched to timetable changes.

Resonate know that global economies depend on people and that transporting them to the right place at the right time is critical to maximising income and productivity. Resonate aim to deliver a smarter digital railway to support the backbone of future smart cities with efficient, integrated transport systems.

How Resonate can work with you

Here are a few of the many ways Resonate can help your business:

  • Implement real-time digital systems that provide route wide control for dynamic disruption management.
  • Create advanced planning models to improve performance and capacity.
  • Implement scalable signalling software with route-wide configurable control – manage the network from any workstation.
  • Reduce the cost of renewal and life cycle costs of signalling systems.
  • Integrate digital asset tracking to enable precise locations of stock and crew for efficient task allocation.


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