Rail Ops 2021 Conference 29th – 30th November

The 29th and 30th of November will see the first Rail Ops Conference take place, hosted by CIRO and sponsored by corporate members. Free to anyone in rail, the two-day event is the largest learning E-conference in rail, featuring over 30 hours of content, delivered by leading figures from all areas of the rail industry.

In addition to a host of prominent speakers, there will also be various opportunities to take part in discussions, Q&A sessions and to visit specialist areas such as the Careers in Rail, 21st Century Operations Portfolio and Systems Thinking areas.


Rail Ops 2021 will offer insight and knowledge across a wide and varied range of industry topics over the two days.

All content delivered at the event will be closely mapped to the CIRO Professional Operators Development (POD) framework, meaning that it can directly contribute to visitors’ CPD. The concept is to offer multiple opportunities to increase visitors’ knowledge in all aspects of rail operations.



Rail Ops 2021 will also feature various specialist stands hosted by various CIRO partners. These booths will offer the opportunity to talk to industry experts from different areas of rail, including:


Registration for the event is quick and simple, through our dedicated online registration portal https://register.railops2021.com. Alternatively, you can visit www.ciro.org/events for more information about this and other CIRO events.

Rail Ops 2021 is open to all Rail Professionals and registration will be open until the opening of the event. However, some content at the event may be restricted to members only. So, to ensure you maximise your visit and get the best experience, consider joining CIRO as a member by visiting www.ciro.org/become-a-member.

If you are employed by one of the CIRO Corporate Members, then there are no membership fees to pay. Be sure to check our list of corporate members during the sign-up process.


Visitors will be able to pre-plan their event using a handy planning guide which contains a knowledge self-assessment tool and maps speaker content to the 13 sections of the CIRO Professional Operators Development (POD) framework. This allows attendees to get the most out of the conference by identifying their own knowledge gaps and choosing which topics would be most useful to them. This guide will be available from the event portal during the conference, or to download ahead of the event from https://joom.ag/1cUI