Rail Academy is a specialised learning portal brought to you by the CIRO, designed to deliver online training opportunities for staff within the rail operations sector. Offering a selection of interactive training options, Rail Academy courses can be fully tailored to meet your business’s unique learning requirements.

Specifically designed for the rail operations industry, a choice of fully customisable CIRO flagship training programs can be adapted to meet your essential company objectives and specialised learning goals. Integrating the best sector knowledge, guidance and information, each flexible online course is delivered to wholly represent your brand and ethos.

All Rail Academy Corporate member organisations benefit from their own branded Member Room, for instant access to dedicated training resources including:

  • Interactive ‘Introduction to Rail’ online course
  • Interactive ‘Rail Pro: 12 System Elements of Rail’ course
  • Professional Operators Development (POD) online booklet

Rail Academy has its own website where you can find full details of membership and courses:

Visit www.railacademy.com


Managed Service

Let Rail Academy manage all your training requirements. The Managed Service training option is available across all courses and includes:

  • Bespoke learning pack creation
  • Learner enrolments
  • Learner progress and assessment reviews
  • Technical Support
  • Delegate liaison
  • Certificate distribution

This option is ideal for businesses looking to create a bespoke training programme, which can be tailored to include your specific content and used on an ongoing basis.

Licensed Based Service

This convenient option allows you to purchase a set number of licenses and distribute courses to staff within your organisation.

The Chartered Institution of Railway Operators (CIRO) will provide software demonstrations and guidance to the allocated training manager within your organisation, who will then be responsible for enrolling chosen staff over a set amount of time.

The CIRO will offer ongoing technical support throughout this process. All course allocations and enrolments will be managed internally by your business.