The Professional Operators Development (POD) Framework is the CIRO recognised skills pathway for railway operators, which illustrates what successful and effective operators know and deliver across every aspect and specialism of the profession.

How does POD work?

You can complete the POD self assessment in two formats:

  1. Download the CIRO Members’ app and have access to POD on the go.
  2. Use the downloadable online POD brochure.

View the POD brochure


Areas Covered by the POD Framework:

  • Incident and Emergency Management
  • Performance Management
  • Delivering Passenger and Freight Services
  • Managing Safety
  • Delivering Customer Services
  • Operational Planning and Timetabling
  • Train Movement Control Systems
  • Rolling Stock and Fleet Management
  • Rail Engineering, Maintenance & Renewal Management
  • People and Change
  • Railway Organisations Business Context
  • Financial and Investment Planning

Who is POD for?

POD is useful for everyone at all levels. It can be particularly beneficial for entrants to rail, as part of planning your own development, preparing for a performance review or when applying for your CIRO membership upgrade.

Benefits of POD

POD allows you to take control of your own rail operations professional development. Ensuring that you have something to take to your performance reviews and evidence of your professional progression which you can share with your manager. POD also initiates ideas for development activities, how to improve your industry knowhow, advances you can make to keep your knowledge relevant and suggestions for building a career passport.

Covering twelve areas POD also provides the structure for the CIRO Learning and Development courses which can be taken in distance learning or taught formats.

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For enquiries about POD please contact the membership team


Continuing Professional Development Guide

To view the CIRO guide to Continuing Professional Development please click here