North East Area Council

The North East Area Council prides itself on being an active part of CIRO, with regular events, comprising of a mixture of guest lectures and outdoor visits. We have an exciting programme planned for the year ahead, we are keen to see events directly link into the modules being studied as part of the education courses offered by CIRO, which will help support students in their studies. If you are a student in our area, we would welcome you at our events, or if you wish to have a chat about your studies, please get in touch.

We also actively participate in the CIRO mentor programme and if this is of interest to you, please get in touch and we will set this up for you. Remember, it’s your Institution, make sure you get the most out of it!

The best way to achieve an outstanding rail service across the North East is together. Joining the CIRO North East Area Council is a great way to make those connections, to expand our network of rail operators who can share their expertise and innovative ideas for our sector. Enquire about becoming a member and help us to further the rail industry in our area.

If you wish to contact us, please send an email to


Your Area Council really is your Area Council – we are there to make CIRO come alive for you in your local area. Whether it’s attending an event, networking with industry colleagues, seeking a contact to help you with making a difference in your role or wanting to learn more about CIRO, your council are here to help.


Council Members

Jason Wade – Chair

Paul Daly – Secretary

Jim Dedicoat – Treasurer

Mark Glenister – Annual Events Planner

Adrian Caffrey – Membership Development Officer

Paul Snowden – Publicity and Events

Emma Logan – Publicity and Community Development Officer

Phil Thickett – Council Support Officer

David Court – Council Support Officer

Richard Henderson – Council Support Officer


Events planned for 2023/24

Please see below for details of our 2023-24 area events programme. These events are subject to change, but offer a rough guide of what we have planned.



Upcoming Events

Membership Upgrade Drop-In on 6 December 2023, 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

York ROC Visit on 11 December 2023, 5:00 pm

NE Area Christmas Social on 13 December 2023, 5:00 pm

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