CIRO Diploma Graduate, Nishad Pandit is furthering his career by studying for a two-year BSc Degree in Railway Operations Management through CIRO and Glasgow Caledonian University and is due to graduate in August.

Nishad has been in the rail industry for over ten years. He began his career as a Guard in 2012, before taking advantage of personal development opportunities to quickly progress. He is currently employed as a Train Driver for South Western Railway (SWR) on the London Overground.

Nishad chose to apply to start a degree with CIRO as his passion for productivity in his spare time, reflects his strong ambition for career development in his professional life. He commented: “My degree has opened doors for me to gain an insight into the wider rail industry. I’ve learnt so much about SWR, the different departmental roles and how they co-operate to ensure a smooth passenger experience.

“I wouldn’t have had this opportunity without CIRO’s support and encouragement to begin the degree.”

Nishad aspires to progress to higher management within SWR which would allow him more involvement with other members of the company, something his current role can’t offer.

CIRO supports its Degree students through regular webinars with the university tutors, where support is always at their disposal if needed. Nishad said: “I am able to draw experience from all corners of the globe with the remote learning course. There are students from the Middle East and America where we can compare the different standards.”

“We share a WhatsApp group to communicate and share our thoughts that relate to all aspects of the degree which is really useful and insightful.”

Adam Fenton is Nishad’s contact at CIRO whom he has built a strong rapport with. Nishad said: “I’m grateful for Adam’s support and advice as we can discuss my career opportunities. I will continue to keep in touch with Adam after I graduate and keep him up to date with my progress.”

In his final year, Nishad is writing a dissertation on different performance issues that affects SWR. In his thesis, Nishad has been able to analyse the concerns and produce measures to improve train efficiency or at least halt the deterioration that is causing performance loss. His employer will be able to utilise the research and improve its service for passengers.

Nishad commented on his experience: “Completing a degree alongside a full-time role is challenging as there is a lot of commitment. You have to possess strong time management skills, however I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity!”

He continued: “At this stage of life, the part-time degree meant I was able to manage it around full-time work commitments. We were given small deadlines throughout the course, but it was very flexible and perfect for mature students like myself.

“I will continue to receive the CIRO newsletter every month that covers industry improvements and developments, helping me to maintain an insight into the wider railway network.

Nishad is considering a master’s degree in the future, once he has settled into his next career step as he feels this would be extremely beneficial to his personal development.

CIRO will continue to provide Nishad with a support network that he can call on if he needs it.

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