Midlands Area Council

It is an exciting time for rail in the Midlands, and over the coming calendar year, we plan on hosting helpful, practical and applicable webinars and events for our members to further their professional development and enhance their careers in their respective rail operations sector, to enhance their way of working ready for the rail sector and the innovative developments that are coming to the Midland’s railway operations.

Our aim is to continue the growth of the Midlands Area Council and to utilise our networking opportunities for our members and build a long-standing organisation of rail professionals across the counties of the Midlands, with a wealth of knowledge and shared expertise.

If you are interested in joining the Midlands Area Council, then please contact us at midlands@railwayoperators.co.uk


Council Members

The Midlands Area Council has representatives from across the East and West Midlands and our membership numbers are growing. The council members welcome all rail operators from the area and we strive to achieve a sense of togetherness and support for our members.


Rachel Heath                     Bill Mahoney

Gary Rainbow                   Simon Rawlings

Doug McLellan                  Colin Robey

Phil Allison                         Neil Wignall

Martin Colmey


Upcoming Events

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