What is mentoring?

The CIRO Mentoring Scheme is free for all members of the Institution. The scheme provides a managed relationship between the Mentor and the Mentee to enable:

  • Knowledge sharing
  • Working through professional issues
  • Improvement and career development
  • Provision of a sounding board or critical friend when required
  • The Mentor to act as an experienced and trusted guide within the confidential relationship

The intent is not to teach, judge or necessarily to offer solutions but to provide a sounding board which will give the Mentee enough information to enable them to make the right decisions and help them develop their own professional and personal skills and resources.

Mentoring is an arrangement in which a Mentor offers on-going support and guidance to a Mentee to help the Mentee manage his or her own learning and career development (called the “Mentoring Scheme”).

To assist practitioners (“Mentees”) to develop their professional competence, achieve their learning objectives and develop their behaviours through mentoring provided by more experienced practitioners (“Mentors”).


Benefits of mentoring

Mentoring can be extremely effective in helping individuals to improve their skill set – both for Mentors and Mentees, as both parties will experience personal development through their involvement in the mentoring relationship. In the case of the Mentee they will, amongst other things, learn from someone with either more or different experience to their own. Mentors will have an opportunity to hone their leadership skills, learn new approaches and see different perspectives and challenges.

Benefits for Mentors
  • Nurturing talent and growing capabilities
  • Gaining satisfaction from helping a colleague to develop
  • Unlocking potential
  • Be instrumental in a career transition
  • Contributes to CPD
Benefits for Mentees
  • Develop themselves
  • Meet and succeed at challenges
  • Recognise strengths and weaknesses
  • Learn to build on strengths
  • Learn by example and mistakes
  • Do things differently
  • Gain knowledge
  • Practice effective inter-personal skills

How does the Mentoring Process Work?

The new CIRO Mentoring online platform enables Mentors and Mentees to easily sign up and start their Mentoring Relationship on one easy to use platform.

It has been developed to provide a better managed relationship between the Mentor and the Mentee to encourage knowledge sharing, best practice, improve skills and competencies.

More information on mentoring can be found by clicking here, for further support on the system please click here.

mentoring process

Who is Eligible?

The Mentoring Scheme is a service provided by the CIRO and participants (Mentors and Mentees) must be members of the CIRO.

Mentees – CIRO members at any level can apply to become a Mentee

Mentors – Only those at either Member or Fellow level are qualified to become Mentors


How to Apply

To join CIRO as a member please click here to register. If your organisation is a corporate member of the Institution you can join for free, simply select your organisation upon registration.

Step 1: To apply simply click here

Step 2: Click on ‘create account now’

Step 3: Select to either be a Mentor or Mentee and complete the remaining details

Step 4: When your account is created, please wait for your account to be verified by a CIRO admin

Step 5: Once verified, you will be prompted to create your profile to get started