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CIRO Member’s Portal provides a platform where you to mange your membership and gain access to member benefits all in one contemporary space.

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If you are an Associate, Member or Fellow, you can download your membership certificate from the Membership Portal – login and click on the “Download My Membership Certificate” located at the top of your screen.

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We are always pleased to witness the professional progression of all our members and proud to be able to support you throughout your railway operations career. As a member of CIRO, we invite you to apply for a membership upgrade at any time.

To upgrade your membership, you will need to provide evidence of effective professional progression plus, confirmation of advancement on the Professional Operators Development (POD) framework.

Membership applications will require a fully annotated CV, which spotlights your experience and progress in line with the POD framework. In addition, you will need a summary of your up-to-date knowledge and skill levels, detailing how it relates to the relevant POD sections.

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Request a Receipt

If you would like a VAT receipt for your membership fees, please complete this form and the membership team will send you a digital copy your receipt.