Jose Del-Prado, CIRO Member encourages colleagues to ‘just go for it!’ and upgrade their membership

Jose Del-Prado, originally from Argentina, began his rail career as a Customer Service Assistant for the London Underground in 2006. From here, Jose was granted several promotions throughout his 15-year career and is now employed as Operations Risk Control Manager for the Elizabeth Line, Rail for London Infrastructure Limited (RfLI).

In his role, Jose manages the development and implementation of all risk control measurements to enable the safe operations of the Elizabeth Line, prior to its opening in the first half of 2022.

Jose’s professional education and certifications are an impressive testimony of his commitment to personal and professional development. Jose is due to complete his CISA Certified Information System Auditor qualification and master’s degree in Cybersecurity in the summer of 2022. 

Why did you decide to upgrade?

“I decided to upgrade my membership for the professional and independent recognition that would accompany the title. I knew it would also give me the opportunity to highlight the achievements of my career in the railway industry so far.

The upgrading process was also a way for me to develop my career further. It gave me the knowledge of which areas I’d like to build upon and aim my CPD towards.

My CIRO mentor, Johnathan Eves, encouraged me to ‘just do it’ and I spent my weekends and spare time working on my application.”

Which benefits of CIRO membership appealed to you?

“It gave me the confidence to go for my most recent role and allowed me to challenge and improve the processes in place within the rail industry.

The benefits of upgrading are vast. It gives you both recognition as an individual, as well as providing opportunities for mentoring to achieve your next goal.

Although the process is a daunting task, no one can prepare you for the exceptional satisfaction you get when your application is approved. It is well worth all the effort and dedication.”

For Jose, he has a newfound passion for learning and doesn’t want to stop at ‘Member’ status. Looking forward, Jose is enthusiastic on gathering feedback from his application and mentor so that he can improve and succeed to the next level of membership.

He said: “I’m more than willing to help anyone looking to further their career and upgrade their membership. It requires a lot of planning however, looking back at your career, realising how much you have done already and having your application approved by a panel of rail experts is priceless.”

Don’t hold yourself back from endless opportunities, be a part of our commitment at CIRO to inspire and shape the next generation of rail.

To strengthen your professional recognition by upgrading your membership, our online portal allows straightforward submission of your Professional Operations Development sections. Supporting evidence of knowledge and experience gained from your career can also be put forward, you don’t need formal qualifications.

The four membership levels, Affiliate, Associate, Member and Fellow are designed as career milestones and distinguish you as a rail leader. It’s also possible to apply for any level as there’s a membership to suit you at any stage of your career.

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