Ingrid Norman broadens understanding of rail operations with CIRO Certificate course

Ingrid Norman recently graduated with Distinction in Railway Operations Management after completing the Chartered Institution of Railway Operators Certificate of Higher Education course, in partnership with Glasgow Caledonian University.

Ingrid has 18 years of procurement and commercial experience in both private and public sector organisations, she is currently working for the Great British Railways Transition Team (GBRTT) as Industry Commercial Framework Lead. Different from railway operations, her role involves extensive collaboration with the supply chain, the Department for Transport, Network Rail, trade associations and other key industry stakeholders.

Ingrid commented: “Although my current role is not seen as traditional railway operations, the course with CIRO has provided a unique insight into the rail sector as a whole. I’m an avid learner, who is always eager to further my knowledge. This course has broadened my understanding of how critical and important operational activities are to serve our passengers and freight users. The learning has equipped me to serve my customers better as a commercial leader.

It was about challenging myself to learn something completely new, and I’m very proud that I did it!”

This one-year course consists of 6 modules, which Ingrid completed alongside full-time employment. To balance her busy schedule, CIRO offered Ingrid the ability to carry out lectures and meetings with tutors online via video conferencing software, which allowed her to study in her spare time.

Ingrid valued the support of CIRO throughout her studies and said “the CIRO team has been brilliant. They are extremely organised, always available and very supportive.”

“My favourite modules included Customer and Stakeholder Delivery, Management Skills, Compliance, Safety and Risk, as well as Planning a Work-based Project.”

Ingrid was particularly thankful to her module tutors including Chris Smith, Tony Manktelow, Piers Connor, who made the learning process enjoyable and offered her their in-depth experience in operations and academic studies.

Ingrid was determined to continue her professional development. Being trilingual and having already obtained a Master’s Degree in International Business in France, Ingrid saw the course as an opportunity to enhance her career as an all-rounded commercial leader in rail.

She commented, “Life is about forever learning. We should stay open and embrace multiple channels of learning.”

“The course offered me a new perspective on railway operations. The mindset of operating for our customers has been embedded in my way of working, I work closely with supply chains to ensure we are building towards a customer-focused culture in the rail industry.”

“Through the course, I discovered that there are so many ways to learn, and the process itself matters much more than the result. I’ve also learned to manage my time effectively.”

“My advice to potential learners would be to stay open-minded to new knowledge outside of your profession and most importantly, be courageous through asking questions to learn from other peoples’ experiences.”, added Ingrid.

The Certificate of Higher Education in Railway Operations Management is designed to provide individuals with the opportunity to gain a high level of understanding of a range of railway operation disciplines. The course is ideal for both rail professionals and those who are new to the industry. It challenges learners to think outside of their day-to-day role and embrace the latest railway operations know-how.

Our hand-picked industry professionals guide learners through several modules that reflect the breadth of knowledge required of tomorrow’s industry leaders. To find out if this is for you, visit our course page or contact