Membership Fees

CIRO membership runs from 1 October – 30 September annually. Our membership renewal date is 1 October annually.

Are you employed by one of our corporate members?
Membership is free to you at Affiliate and Associate levels through your employer’s corporate membership.

Annual fees for each level:

  • Affiliate £36.00
  • Associate £48.00
  • Member £84.00
  • Fellow £120.00

Concessional rates:

  • Affiliate £18.00 (full time student or fully retired)
  • Associate £24.00 (fully retired)
  • Member £42.00 (fully retired)
  • Fellow £60.00 (fully retired)

Joining part way through the year?

If you join part way through the year, your Affiliate membership for the first year maybe reduced.

  • October to March £36.00
  • April to August £18.00
  • September £36.00 (membership extended until the end of September the following year).

Upgrade Fees

  • Upgrade admin fee £27.00

To upgrade your membership through the Experience Assessment route, an admin fee is payable once your application has been successful.