Date(s) - 11 July 2023
5:30 pm - 7:30 pm



Climate Change and the Railway

Brought to you by Brian Haddock from the National Weather Team

Tuesday 11th July at 17:30-19:30

In-Person at Palestra Building, London



About The Event

Extreme weather is challenging Britain’s rail network, and we need to enhance our preparedness and response strategies.

On 25th July 2019 Britain faced its hottest day on record and an independent review emphasized the need for improved preparedness and consistency in tackling extreme weather. On 12th August 2020 the Stonehaven derailment caused by heavy rainfall and a landslip led to numerous reviews with recommendations for improvement. Finally, in the summer of 2022 heatwaves and soaring temperatures, breaking new records threatened our railways and a National Summer review highlighted the importance of effective planning.

The National Weather Team’s goal is clear: to deliver a safe and seasonally agnostic railway, prioritising passengers, and freight users. Join this event to hear about the seven key improvement workstreams to help build resilience, anticipate adverse weather effects, and avoid out-of-control events.

Committed to a safe and weather-resilient railway, the National Weather Team will be discussing weather management, resilient infrastructure and innovative solutions and considering how risk management and train performance can go hand in hand


Venue: Palestra, 197 Blackfriars Street, London, SE1 8NJ

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