The CIRO provides end-point assessment (EPA) when required, to evaluate successful completion of relevant courses and apprenticeships.

Gateway Assessment

Before an employer can put their apprentice forward for end-point assessment, they must first complete the Gateway Assessment. This is the process of establishing that the apprentice has satisfactorily completed all aspects of their apprenticeship and is occupationally competent to carry out their role. If necessary, the training provider can be consulted to assist with this decision.

CIRO End-Point Assessment Process

For end-point Assessment, CIRO will provide an independent assessor. It is the independent assessor’s responsibility to officially carry out the end-point assessment, which consists of an online test, an observation, and a professional discussion. Following these steps, the independent assessor will then grade the apprentice accordingly. On successful completion of the end-point assessment, the apprentice will receive an apprenticeship certificate from the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA).

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CIRO is an approved End-Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO) for the Train Driver apprenticeship standard:

Register for End Point Assessment

If you would like to register an apprentice with our end-point assessment service, you can contact the EPA team with the relevant details by phone: 07311 060603 or by email

Policy and Procedure Information

If you would like to take a more in-depth look at CIRO policy and procedure information, please consult the relevant links below.