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    Do you want to inspire and shape the next generation of rail?

    As a Member of the Institution, you have access to the full range of Member benefits as well as numerous opportunities to enhance your professional status.

    • Contribute to key railway industry issues and discussions on CIRO Collaborate
    • Be instrumental in someone’s career by becoming a mentor
    • Be respected and make a positive change within the industry
    • Gain a higher level of credibility within rail
    • Use the postnominals MCIRO
    • Access career development opportunities and a wealth of resources

    The upgrading process was a way for me to develop my career further. It gave me the knowledge of which areas I’d like to build upon and aim my CPD towards ” 

    Jose Del-Prado MCIRO

    upgrade your CIRO membership

    Want to learn more about upgrading your membership?

    Join us for our next drop-in session on 6 February 2023, from 12pm to 1pm.

    Our membership team will be on hand to answer any questions and support you on your journey to becoming a Member.



    James Veitch upgraded to Member while starting a new job at Avanti West Coast. Watch our video to hear James share his motivation behind the upgrade process.

    Are you ready to open up a world of opportunities by becoming a CIRO member?

    “The reason I wanted to upgrade my membership was for affirmation and confirmation of my knowledge and experience. I was especially interested in the international aspect of my learning which I do have a bit of experience from working on the French systems.”   

    “It was nice to affirm my knowledge through the improved membership level and having the opportunity to get the recognition from my peers that the knowledge is there.”

    James Veitch MCIRO

    How to upgrade

    By upgrading your membership to Member level, you are demonstrating your dedication and professionalism within the industry.

    To become a Member you must have worked in the railway industry for a minimum of 5 years and have in-depth knowledge of eight POD sections. You should be able to give multiple examples and relate your experiences to a locational, regional and national level.

    Before you begin your upgrade, please read the Upgrade Guidance Notes.

    Our brand new membership portal ensures that all members can upgrade their membership with ease.

    Once you are ready to begin your upgrade application, login to the members portal and click on ‘Membership Upgrade’ from the menu.

    Become a Member

    Not already a Member?

    As long as you’re an existing member of CIRO you can join us at Member level. If you have the appropriate qualifications and/or experience, get in touch with the membership team today to find out more.