Fellow is the most senior level of membership and clearly demonstrates your proven abilities and expertise in railway operations. It shows the world you’re a leading expert.

This level of professional credibility shows a strong commitment to the industry and to inspiring and shaping the future.

As a Fellow of the Institution, you have access to the full range of Member benefits as well as numerous opportunities to enhance your professional status. This includes:

  • Contribute to key industry discussions
  • Make positive change within the industry
  • Access to a strategic version of the Professional Operators Development tool
  • Be part of our sub committees and subject matter panels
  • Inspire and shape the next generation of rail by becoming a mentor
  • Showcase your world-leading expertise

Membership Upgrade

Supporting you every step of the way in your professional rail career is important to us and our members.

As a member of the Chartered Institution of Railway Operators, you’re part of the only professional institution with focus and specialism across the rail industry. Membership communicates your credibility and provides access to a wealth of resources and CPD opportunities that you need to stay relevant and to excel in the industry.

Our two valuable pathways to upgrading your CIRO membership will support your personal development.

Upgrade Through Study

Once you’ve completed an Applied Professional Practice MBA Apprenticeship, you’ll be advised by the L&D manager how to upgrade your membership. This will involve submitting your C.V. to supplement your qualification by demonstrating your work experience. If you already hold one of the above qualifications then get in touch with the membership team today.

Upgrade Through Experience Assessment

Formal study is not a requirement. The experience assessment is an online application which is peer assessed. To apply for the next membership level, you’ll need to:

  • Provide evidence of effective professional progression since your previous membership award.
  • Confirmation of advancement on the Professional Operators Development (POD) framework.

Fellow Requirements

Minimum operators work experience required
7 years

Local, regional and national and international working knowledge

Relevant POD experience
Twelve sections to 80%:
Must include all sections 1-12
Three areas from an international perspective

Not Already a Member?

You don’t need to be an existing member of CIRO to join us at Fellow level if you have the appropriate qualifications and/or experience. Get in touch with the membership team today to find out more.

  1. Create an account/log in
  2. Ensure personal info is up to date
  3. Click on ‘Membership Applications’ and follow the on-screen instructions in the ‘Upgrade’ section
  4. Submit your
    • Annotated CV
    • Professional Operations Development (POD) Sections
    • Additional evidence (optional)

For more information, please read the upgrade guidance notes

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