Why should I become a member?

CIRO is here to support our members, whether you’re starting out or you’re an experienced operator, we’re here to help.

CIRO members…

Gain professional affiliation and recognition within the industry.

Get the support of a community made up of over 11,000 like-minded railway operations professionals.

Access exclusive resources to continue their professional development.

By joining CIRO you are strengthening your professional community and contributing to excellence in Railway Operations.

How do I join?

You can join CIRO in three easy steps:

Step 1: complete the application online here

Step 2: pay your membership fees (if your company is a corporate member then this step does not apply)

Step 3: activate your account by completing the registration process, selecting your password and gain access to the portal (you will receive your complete registration link via email)


How much does membership cost?

Entry level Affiliate membership is £36.00 per year.

However if your employer is one of our corporate members then your fees are covered at Affiliate and Associate membership levels.

The full list of fees can be found here.

Is my company a corporate member?

View the list of Corporate Members here.

Member Benefits

Through professional affiliation with the only Professional Institution specialising in railway operations, you have access to the tools you need to stay relevant and excel today and in the future.

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